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In the following we will try to point out known problems of Lan.FS and their solution.

This troubleshooting list will regularly be updated.

At the moment there are known problem solutions in these categories:

If you can not find your problem listed below, please contact the Lan.Fs Support by e-mail: Bitte tippen Sie diese Mailadresse in ihr Mailprogramm ein

Problem: The following message appears after starting the Lan.FS software: "Warning: Lan.fs Kernel can not be created. No network connectivity available! Please verify all settings in the options menu"

Solution: This Message will be displayed, if the Profile Folder of Lan.FS is not correctly readable. This means that some files are missing or are corrupt. Some additional information is shown in this message, too. For example: "INI-File […] does not exist." Please ensure, that all files of the Lan.FS Profile folder are at their correct place. Especially the file "C:\Programs\Lan.FS\Profile\Settings.ini" (example of the path after a standard-installation), which contains all configuration-settings should be on the right position.

If you do not know, which file is corrupt or missing, just reinstall Lan.FS. This will surely remove this errormessage.

Problem: By changing the size of the Remote Desktop window, the picture of the remote computer suddenly becomes white. After that you only see several points flashing on the white picture.

Solution: This behavior is usual in the current version of Lan.FS. Please wait some seconds and the picture will be repainted completely.

Problem: I can only see one or two single pictures of the Remote Desktop. After that, the Remote Desktop function seems to be frozen, mouse-movements and keyboard-input are transferred correctly.

Solution: The Remote Desktop function requires some computing power. On-road tests pointed out, that the picture freezes because of low CPU-power. Otherwise a bad WLAN-connection is responsible for this behavior.

In case you run Lan.FS on a powerful computer and the problem still remains, ensure an acceptable network-connection between your computers. Whenever a Remote Desktop data package can not be delivered, it will be stored in the waiting queue. Lan.FS turns off the Remote Desktop function, if there are too many packages in the waiting queue, in order to accomplish a smooth package delivery.

So all you have to do is reactivate the Remote Desktop function by clicking on "Start Remote Desktop".

Problem: The Remote Shell function displays following error message:
"Error creating process: C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe"

Solution: Lan.FS can not find the cmd.exe file of your windows system. Lan.FS is pre-configurated for use with Windows XP and Windows Vista after setup. If you run Lan.FS, for example, on a Windows 2000 machine, the cmd.exe is located in "C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\". So please open the Lan.FS Menü "Options and Settings" by clicking on "Options" in the main menu. Then go to the "Options" tab and fill in the correct path of your cmd.exe file to the field "CMD File" in the "Directory Settings"- area.

Problem: You are sending some files with big size by the Filetransfer-service or by the "Lan.FS Commander" to another computer in your network. In the meantime you can only receive Chatmessages but can not send them. Also the Lan.FS Commander and other parts of the program seem to be inoperable.

Solution: hat is because Lan.FS operates by a single TCP/IP connection. If you are sending big files, all other data-packages will be stored in the waiting queue. When the filetransfer is finished, all other packages will be sent. So you just have to wait a little bit...(sorry about that)


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